Is it possible for people, and even for a whole society, to lose faith in God? ... [If] it happens, [it is] not primarily because something they used to think existed does not after all exist, but because the available language about God has been allowed to become too narrow, stale and spiritually obsolete ... the work of creative religious personalities is continually to enrich, to enlarge and sometimes to purge the available stock of religious symbols and idioms ... (The Sea of Faith, 1984)



... people of different periods and cultures differ very widely; in some cases so widely that accounts of the nature and relations of God, men and the world put forward in one culture may be unacceptable, as they stand, in a different culture ... a situation of this sort has arisen ... at about the end of the eighteenth century a cultural revolution of such proportions broke out that it separates our age sharply from all ages that went before (The Use and Abuse of the Bible, 1976)

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Thinking Through
  the Christian Year

    These short passages usually focus on readings either from the Common
    Worship Lectionary
authorised for use in the Church of England, or from
    the Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England.

   God's Utopia -
The Myth of Perfection
A Scary Ascetic -
Living in Eden -
Jobs For Pals -
           Blowing Up Bridges - Was Jesus Naughty? -
God Forgive Us -
Unclean Shepherds -
Humility -
A New Inquisition -
Spiritual Apartheid -
Celestial Celebrity -
Spiritual Steroids -
A Holy Conspiracy -
An Audacious "What if?" -
Seeing Is Believing -
God Does Play Dice -

Blaming It On The Snake -
Know Then Thyself -

Satan's Blandishments -
Lamb of God -
The Foolish Father -
Born Free -
Life Before Death -
Dangerous Perfection -
Defeat is an Orphan -
Freely We Serve -
The Final Solution -
Recognising God -
The Good Shepherd -
Finding the Way -
The Comforter -
The Fellowship of the Way -
Outside the Limits -
Those Ungodly Bastards -
The Trinity -
Lord and Power -
Trusting the Promise -
Co-operate or Else! -
Being Right With God -
The Malady of Not Marking -
The Cost ... -
Conquering Death -
In the Grip of Sin -
Keep On Dialing -
A Wide Embrace -
Lifting the Veil -
Wheat or Darnel? -
Passports to Heaven -
The God of Small Things -
Leave the Weeds -
Pay Now, Get Later -
The Feeding of the Gathering -
Grandiose Claims -
No One But Us -
Crossing Boundaries -
Looking Backwards -
Supporting Act -
Dying of Consumption -
When It's Wrong to be Right -
An Empty Cross -
Forgiving Millions -
Life Isn't Fair -
Are The Angels Dead? -
Karl Marx - God's Prophet -
The Way God Does Things -
A Direct Line to God? -
A Titanic Struggle -
Saints Alive! -
Specialising in Outcasts -
Citizens of Heaven -
Smiling At the Back -
The Devil We Know -
Give Birth to Justice -
The Scandal of Worship -
The Silence of the Lamb -
Jesus Deposed

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