Is it possible for people, and even for a whole society, to lose faith in God? ... [If] it happens, [it is] not primarily because something they used to think existed does not after all exist, but because the available language about God has been allowed to become too narrow, stale and spiritually obsolete ... the work of creative religious personalities is continually to enrich, to enlarge and sometimes to purge the available stock of religious symbols and idioms ... (The Sea of Faith, 1984)



... people of different periods and cultures differ very widely; in some cases so widely that accounts of the nature and relations of God, men and the world put forward in one culture may be unacceptable, as they stand, in a different culture ... a situation of this sort has arisen ... at about the end of the eighteenth century a cultural revolution of such proportions broke out that it separates our age sharply from all ages that went before (The Use and Abuse of the Bible, 1976)

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Some useful links

Evolutionary Christianity is devoted to encouraging and conducting discussion between 38 Christian leaders and well-known scientists who maintain that faith can be strengthened and directed through science.

Permission to Speak
is "a place for the exchange of ideas and experiences of the sacred in the 21st century" through which religious and spiritual aspects of Christianity can be examined.

Faith Futures Foundation
  An interesting and useful record
of the latest thinking on the historical Jesus.

Progressive Christianity Network
provides a network of local groups across Britain. A radical quarterly newsletter is published. PCN organises regular conferences and events. Members come from all denominations. There are links to other progressive Christian movements around the world.

Gospels Net  Provides a most useful resource - all the gospels known to us covering the first 200 years after the death of Jesus - not just the few accepted, canonical versions. Original texts, English translations and additional resources.

Sea of Faith Network  Go particularly to Articles & Podcasts then Selected Articles from Sofia for an interesting series of articles, poems and the like. One of the few sites worldwide to offer genuinely new insights into faith. See also Sea of Faith, Australia and Sea of Faith, New Zealand

De-Churched?  Does this site look at the Church from the inside or the outside? It's sometimes hard to tell - but the humour with which some subjects are tackled reveals a keen mind.

The Christian Classics Ethereal Library
is a one-stop site for access to a mine of information about Christianity and many other topical issues.

New Testament Gateway
  A mine of information, links and other resources for anyone interested in more detailed examination of the New Testament.

Faith and reason  An interesting and useful site with many resources for anyone interested in thinking about faith - history, evolution, genetics, cosmology, purpose, technology, the future. Plus programme transcripts and suggested reading.

Religious Tolerance
  A mine of information on almost every religious subject one can think of - plus a determined and well-focused drive to expose and deal with religious bigotry and hate.