Is it possible for people, and even for a whole society, to lose faith in God? ... [If] it happens, [it is] not primarily because something they used to think existed does not after all exist, but because the available language about God has been allowed to become too narrow, stale and spiritually obsolete ... the work of creative religious personalities is continually to enrich, to enlarge and sometimes to purge the available stock of religious symbols and idioms ... (The Sea of Faith, 1984)



... people of different periods and cultures differ very widely; in some cases so widely that accounts of the nature and relations of God, men and the world put forward in one culture may be unacceptable, as they stand, in a different culture ... a situation of this sort has arisen ... at about the end of the eighteenth century a cultural revolution of such proportions broke out that it separates our age sharply from all ages that went before (The Use and Abuse of the Bible, 1976)

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The Question 
by Alan Horner

"A good teacher 
is an animated question mark." 
What then of those who tell us 
"Christ is the answer"? 

Who asks the question? 
And what is the question 
that is asked? 
One question leads to another! 

Answers close off the possibilities 
and assume there is no more 
to be said. With Christ, 
there is always more. 

Is it not better to live 
with the question he asks, 
rather than the answers 
the Church is inclined to give?

Says he, asking 
another question! 

Alan Horner 

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